TR08 Transferees - Various Non-Armed Roles

Transferee Constables, Sergeants and Inspectors including Detectives at all three ranks
Uniformed and Specialist Officers
Various Locations across West Yorkshire
Multiple posts available

West Yorkshire Police are currently inviting applications from experienced Constables, Sergeants and Inspectors including Detectives at all three ranks wishing to undertake a level transfer. We also welcome applications from former officers wishing to re-join the police service who will ideally have had no more than five years’ absence at the date of re-joining.

West Yorkshire Police, the fourth largest Force in England and Wales, are committed to making our communities safe and feeling safer.

Our Force serves a population of more than 2 million people, across a physical area of 780 square miles covering five metropolitan districts, combining busy cities and towns with quiet villages and picturesque rural locations. The people are similarly varied and represent a diverse range of ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds.

By better aligning our teams to meet the demands and requirements of our communities, it enables us to deliver the best possible service to the public.

We are seeking the highest quality officers and welcome those who are looking for an environment in which appropriate skills and experience will be fully utilised.

We have a range of opportunities across a number of different areas of policing. If you wish to transfer to us in a role that is the same, or similar, to the one you currently occupy, we will certainly look into whether this is feasible.

If you have an excellent attendance record, are high-performing and are searching for a new challenge, then West Yorkshire could be the Force for you.

Officers wishing to further discuss a transfer to West Yorkshire can contact the Resourcing Department on 01924 965408.

Non Home-Office force applicants can also contact resourcing on 01924 965408 to check eligibility.

Applications will be considered after the point of submission.

Please note that depending on the role, the vetting clearance needed may change.

West Yorkshire Police is committed to improving the diversity of its workforce to better reflect the diverse communities we serve. We welcome applications from all minority groups and individuals who identify with one or more of the protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010.

Applicants should be aware that it is not always possible to carry out adequate vetting checks on persons who have not been resident within the UK for the last five years. Therefore, where this applies, applicants may be refused because it was not possible to vet them to the appropriate standard.

For a detailed description of the Competency and Values levels required please refer to the (This link may be copied and pasted into your browser). This document will assist you in completing the Evidence of Achievement section of the application form. Please note: the Evidence of Achievement section will not be visible until the employment section has been completed.